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Tenvir Em – 8 Bottles Supply (240 Tablets)


Manufactured by: Cipla
Packaging Type: Bottle
Molecule: Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate and Emtricitabine
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Buy High-Quality And Genuine Tenvir-EM 240 Pills:

Globally people are affected by HIV infection. If you think that you are at risk of getting exposed to HIV then you should act in the right way to be safe from the virus. One of the best ways to prevent the virus from getting transmitted is by taking the prep treatment. This treatment has seven kinds of medicine along with Tenvir that is used to prevent HIV from getting transmitted and is also used in treating the virus. People are often confused by the fact that this medicine is relatively cheaper than the brand name medicine Truvada.

Generic medicine such as Ricovir-EM, Tenvir-EM, Tenof-EM, and Tanvir-EM are equally effective as the brand name medicine Truvada. These medicines have the same active ingredient as the brand-name medicine but are cheaper in comparison to the Truvada version of prep. The reason behind this is that Truvada is a brand name medicine and so due to the patent right it is costlier than the generic one. Tenvir Cipla, being generic medicine is cheaper in comparison to the brand version but is also as effective.

What Are The Tenvir Em Cipla  Pill’s Benefits?

HIV is a state where taking medicine is quite compulsory and that is why you should go for medication that is the most effective and have fewer side effects. Tenvir-EM is a medicine that is highly effective and has fewer side effects that too are tolerable. One of the main factors why this medicine is considered as one of the most recommended ones is also because of the cost of the medicine which is way less than the brand name medicine. The brand-name medicines are expensive and if you are thinking about a longer treatment than to invest in something too expensive is not plausible. On the other hand, generic medicines are the ones that are relatively cheaper and are as effective as the brand-name version of the medicine.

The generic medicine is approved by W H O and Food and Administrative Department in the US. Tenvir is a safe medicine and contains the same drug formulation as the brand-name version. The active ingredients that are present in the medicine treat the HIV condition effectively. Moreover, this medicine stops other infections from entering the body by making the immune system strong by fighting against the virus.

The Mechanism Of The Pill:

Tenvir has two active ingredients of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate and emtricitabine that help fight HIV infection. This medicine may help you in interfering with the process of replication that is done by the reverse transcriptase which is an enzyme that replicates the infected HIV cells and makes new viruses. When the virus impacts the cd4 cell it controls the cell and then makes copies of the virus to weaken the immune system and invite more disease to deteriorate the health of the patient.

Tenvir em  inhibits the protein or enzyme that helps grow the virus and slows down the production of the virus by blocking it. When the multiplication process is blocked by the medicine then the cd4 cells get an opportunity is to recover and then it increases in number. The immune system is dependent on the number of the cd4 cell and that is why the more these cells are the healthier your body is. When it boosts the immune system then it fights against opportunistic external viruses and over time recovers the health of the person who is consuming the medicine.

Side Effects Of The Pills:

There are a few side effects of consuming Tenvir-EM prep and most of the side effects are tolerable. It is to be noted here that the effect of the medicine on every person or individual varies. The person who is consuming it doesn’t need to experience side effects. This medicine has both minor as well as major side effects. When we talk about the minor side effects when a person consuming it may experience chest pain, diarrhea, dizziness, fever, burning or painful urination, and so on. These side effects last only a few days and are generally tolerable.

However, in some cases people may experience serious side effects such as fatty liver, lactic acidosis, decreasing bone density, kidney and liver-related health issues, and so on. It is advised that before taking any kind of medicine you should consult your doctor and divide and in that medical history so that any kind of interaction with other medicine can be avoided. Along with taking the medicine, you should also take care of your health by taking proper meals adding supplements, and exercising properly so that you can cope up with the medicine.

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