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It was a time when HIV AIDS was a life-threatening condition and couldn’t be treated. Even today it is a big challenge in the Healthcare industry. But thanks to the research and Science now we have found an advanced antiretroviral therapy which helps in treating the infection quite effectively. Antiretroviral drugs are used to treat infection with HIV. They are also known as ARVs or ARTs.

If you have been recently diagnosed with HIV, your doctor will prescribe the right combination of antiretroviral medicines for you. These drugs are usually taken once a day by mouth (orally) and can be taken long-term for life. One such antiretroviral drug is Tenof-EM. It is an antiretroviral medication used in the treatment of HIV/AIDS. It is one of the original “pioneer” nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs). Tenof inhibits the HIV reverse transcriptase enzyme, which prevents the multiplication of the virus in infected human cells.This medicine reduces the amount of the viral load that is present in the body and gives enough time for the immune system to recover against the attack of the virus. Though there is some virus left in the body yet it is reached an undetectable level. As it boosts the immune system it becomes stronger to find out of the infections and also other infections or diseases related to the virus. By doing so makes the body healthy and reduces the risk of the virus spreading to others.

Tenof 300 mg Tablet Side Effects:

Tenof, a nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor, is used as part of combination antiretroviral therapy to treat HIV infection. It is generally well-tolerated and effective, but may cause kidney damage or loss of bone mineral density and can be associated with hypersensitivity reactions. Every medicine may have some side effects if it is taken with other medicines or if it is taken for a longer time. Tenof EM is a medicine, which is an antiretroviral and that is why if it is taken along with other medicine then it can have interaction which may lead to some side effects. Similarly when you start taking any kind of medicine then some medicines are bound to react to the health condition of the patient. It is not necessary to get the side effects as the medicine effect on each person vary. In the initial days of taking Tenof 300, you may experience some mild side effects which include vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, pain, rashes, fatigue, and so on. The symptoms are generally tolerable and go away within a week or two. Apart from this, if the medicine is taken by people who are already suffering from certain health conditions then it will react with the medicine which is taken by the patient. In this condition, it is important to go and consult your doctor about the medical history so that the appropriate medication can be prescribed by your doctor. Affect periods any kind of side effect that doesn’t go away or is making you more uncomfortable than it is suggested that you should consult your doctor and discontinue the medicine immediately until the guidance of the doctor.


Tenof EM is an anti-HIV drug and that is why it may interact with other medicines. Generally, this medicine interacts with supplements, vitamins, and painkillers. Here are some medicines that you should avoid while taking the prep treatment so that it doesn’t interact with medicines such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and so on.

The interaction with this medicine generally happens with kidney and liver health condition medicine. If both types of medicines are taken together then they can interact with each other and which may lead to some serious health issues. When you are thinking about taking the best treatment when it is suggested that you should consult your health care provider about your previous medical history and any kind of health condition so that the doctor can prescribe the right type of treatment and reduce the chances of any kind of interaction between the medicines.

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