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Ricovir EM tablets: An Effective Anti-HIV Drug

HIV spreads in the body when infected blood or body fluids enter an uninfected person’s bloodstream. It can also spread via sexual intercourse, injection drug use, or mother-to-child transmission. HIV is a virus that if left untreated can lead to AIDS. It attacks cells of your immune system called CD4 (T) cells (also called T-cells). The more active HIV is in your body, the faster these cells are destroyed. The loss of enough CD4(T) cells may lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), which is often fatal if left untreated. HIV replicates within the body and can attack healthy cells. The virus attaches to a cell and injects its DNA into the cell. This DNA is copied and creates new viral particles which infect other healthy cells.

Anti-HIV medicines (ARVs) can keep the virus under control and help you stay healthy for many years. ARVs come in different forms, such as pills or injections, and they all work to stop HIV from growing. Ricovir pills, a prep medication, work effectively towards suppressing the virus as the two activating agents that are present in the medication helps to slow down the process of multiplication of HIV and reduces the ability of the virus to multiply and spread. It is a generic medicine and is effective in lowering the risk of transmission of the virus.


How Does Ricovir 300 mg Work?

With proper medication and maintaining life habits, the weekend immune system can boost its self and combat the virus over time. With the medication, the viral load of HIV lowest down, and the patient was suffering from the virus slowly recovers and improves the health which increases the lifespan.

Mylan Ricovir is a medicine that helps prevent HIV from replicating in the infected person. HIV assimilates cd4 + count but medicine doesn’t kill the cells. When it comes to treating HIV, Ricovir is recommended for experienced patients. This medicine has been found effective in minimizing the risk that is associated with the spreading of the virus while having sexual intercourse. By doing so it minimizes the risk of spreading the virus.


Side Effects Of Taking Ricovir Pills:

Over the years the HIV treatment has improved and so have we found anti-HIV drugs that are helpful in effectively lessening the amount of the viral load in the body. With the advancement of medicine, we can see that these anti-HIV drugs have fewer side effects and in most conditions, the side effect may not even occur. When some side effects are mild some can be severe or life-threatening. Such side effects may occur if the drug is taken for a long time. The mild effects of the anti-HIV medicine include headache, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of sleep, shortness of breath, and so on. These symptoms disappear after a while.

When we talk about the serious symptoms then there are some side effects such as hypersensitivity, bone loss, lactic acidosis kidney, and liver damage, numbness, and so on. These symptoms may occur with those who are already facing some issues with kidney and liver functions. It may also occur if the medicine is consumed for a longer time. In such a condition it is recommended to keep track of your health and consult your health care provider so that these symptoms can be avoided.


Ricovir Interactions:

When we are talking about the interaction between medicines and antiretroviral drugs and or anti-HIV interact more with the liver and kidney in comparison to any other organ. This is due to the presence of the active ingredient tenofovir. It is important to use the right type of drug and correctly so that any kind of interaction can be avoided. That is why while consuming anti-HIV drugs it is important to take proper guidance from the doctor so that no medicine can interact with the drugs. Some of the medicine that reacts with Rivovir 300 mg tablets are Ibuprofen, bacitracin, lopinavir, hydroxyzine, didanosine, and more. It is common for medicines to interactive with each other but it is important that if you face any kind of uncomfortable situation then it is best to consult the doctor immediately and stop taking the medicine for a while. Before taking the anti-HIV drugs consult your doctors about your medical history so that any kind of interaction can be avoided.


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