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Our organization aims to provide affordable access to HIV meds in several countries. The ultimate mission is to help people living with HIV/AIDS get their medication at the right price. Through our website, you can purchase generic medicines that are used by millions of people who are living with HIV/AIDS for far less than retail pharmacies charge.

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Pre-exposure prophylaxis, commonly known as PrEP is a new prevention approach for HIV. HIV-negative individuals use anti-HIV medications to reduce the risk of infection if they are exposed to the virus later on. These PrEP medications act for the prevention of HIV from establishing infection in the body. However, it must be remembered that it does not protect a person from other sexually transmitted diseases and infections.


  • PrEP is for those people who are a high risk of infection

Doctors and specialists recommend PrEP for all those people who are at risk of infection. This could be those individuals having multiple sexual partners or those with an HIV positive partner. The PrEP made of treatment is also useful who are involved in the use of intravenous drugs by sharing needles.

  • PrEP should not be considered a substitute for safe sex

PrEP reduces the risk of an HIV infection through sex by almost 90 percent if taken regularly. However, people still need to practice safer sex by the use of a condom, since PrEP works only against HIV infection. Many people ask how PrEP work and the simplest answer we give is that it reduces the establishment of infection by HIV. It also makes clear that it is specific only for HIV and cannot prevent other sexually transmitted diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C syphilis and Gonorrhea among several others.

  • PrEP needs routine supervision

Before PrEP pills can be prescribed, doctors confirm whether the patient is HIV negative or not by some tests. The individual also needs to undergo some renal function and liver function tests. The renal function test ensures that the drug can be metabolized properly in the body. Once you have started taking PrEP, you need to visit your doctor at least every three months for continuous monitoring. You must consult specialists to understand how to take PrEP.

  • Manageable side-effects

The most common PrEP side effects are nausea, headache, and fatigue which can be managed well. When considering the long-term effects, the centre for disease Control and Prevention says that no serious problems are usually detected in patients who are under PrEP for up to five years.


The anti-HIV drugs prevent in PrEP help to stop the virus from replicating in your body. If a person is exposed to HIV but has taken PrEP correctly, their body will be the negligible risk of getting HIV.  In order to understand how effective PrEP is, you should know that if used consistently and incorrect dosage, PrEP can eliminate the risk of a person becoming infected with HIV. PrEP is not recommended for everyone and is useful for those people who are HIV-negative and at a greater risk of HIV infection due to their lifestyle and sexual life.


PrEp is an option for those individuals who fall under any of the categories mentioned below. Who should take PrEP is an important question, and we are here to answer it for you. You can opt for it if-

  • You are in a sexual relationship with a person who has HIV or whose HIV is not controlled well.
  • You are a bisexual individual having multiple sexual relationships, where you do not any protection.
  • You do not use condoms or any protection with your partner of the opposite whose HIV status is not known to you, and who may be at a risk of HIV infection. This may be due to usage of intravenous drugs or having multiple sexual partners.

We help you to eliminate new infections of HIV and raise awareness about HIV by offering the best selection of HIV meds. Buy medications, including your favorite generic drugs at a low cost. Our vision is to eliminate new infections of HIV and raise awareness about HIV.

We are the most reliable supplier of Generic PrEP worldwide. We buy directly from the manufacturer so we can offer you authentic and genuine prep at the most affordable prices. We offer affordable and top-quality prep at your doorstep. We believe in building a better tomorrow by working on it today. Order your prep medicine from us to be a part of a better tomorrow that is free from  HIV/AIDS.

What our Client Says about-


Now that you are searching for PrEP and have landed on our page, we are sure that you have basic knowledge of what it is. But if you are still wondering “What is PrEP ?” then here we are to answer your query. Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, also popularly known as PrEP is a medicine that is used to prevent the spreading of the disease in people who have not been exposed to the virus or other disease-causing agents. PrEP is one of the strategies to prevent HIV/AIDS. This medicine can be used to prevent the spreading of HIV/ AIDS in people who are HIV negative yet their chances of getting infected are higher such as people who are sexually active or use injection drugs.
It is quite a common question that pops into mind that is PrEP safe or is there any PrEP side effects. To put it in simple words, PrEP is a medicine that is used to protect against HIV/ AIDS so it does not protect one against other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, Hepatitis C, Gonorrhea, etc. There may be some minor side effects of consuming PrEP for a longer duration such as fatigue, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, and other side effects which may disappear gradually. One thing that one must keep in mind is that if a person is facing serious side effects due to consuming PrEP, the person should stop taking medicines immediately and inform the health specialist.
We thrive on the good health of our customers and reduce the risk of trading or contracting HIV/ AIDS in people globally by making PrEP affordable and reachable globally. You can buy PrEP online with us at a cheaper price as we ship the PrEP medicine worldwide without any shipping charges. Do order your PrEP pill bottle now and get it at affordable rates!
PrEP is a medicine that helps in preventing HIV/ AIDS infection in any person. There are some effects of let us know about it: 1. PrEP is a medicine that is highly effective if consumed regularly in preventing and protecting against HIV/ AIDS. 2. This pill is highly beneficial in preventing and protecting you and your partner from getting infected or transmitted from HIV. 3. As per most of the doctors' prescriptions this pill is to be taken once a day which makes it convenient to keep it regular. 4. For those people who have serodiscordant and want to have a baby can consume a PrEP pill as it is safe.
Now that you know about PrEP and its effects it is quite obvious that you are looking for good options from where you can buy your PrEP pill. We are wondering where can I get practical? Then there are two ways you can get your PrEP pill. As we know that there are various types of companies or brands that are offering PrEP pills but here is what you must focus on before buying the PrEP pill: are they offering you authentic PrEP pill? Apart from the drug store, there are online websites that claim to offer PrEP pills but we try on our customer's trust, and does when you order your PrEP pill with us you get the 100% authentic product that you desired. So if you are thinking that "Where can I get a PrEP pill that is authentic?" then you know that we are here to offer you the best.
Are you planning to take PrEP after consulting it with your health specialist? If yes then you have come to the right place as you can get online with us without having any worry about authenticity. One of the most important things that come to ordering PrEP is that in most countries it is legal to import PrEP for personal use for up to 3 months. It is suggested that before ordering you get PrEP online research about the rules and regulations of your country to avoid the confiscation of your PrEP by customs.
In comparison to other countries, the PrEP pill price in India is lower than in most of international countries. The PrEP Tablet price in India for 30 days is approximately around $40 which is way cheaper than in other countries. You can get PrEP online free with us by getting the free sample by just paying the shipping cost of 30 dollars USD. Apart from that, we also provide discounts as per the quantity of the orders.

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