Company Overview

About Indogenmed

1. Top-quality products: Indogenmed offers incredible quality services and products to cater to the unfulfilled requirements of every patient. Our company strives for going beyond medicine for assisting patients in overcoming the regular challenges of effectively handling their diseases.

2. Focus on patient’s requirements: We understand the needs of our customers and use the latest technology for presenting innovative solutions. Our company has been able to offer continuously innovative products, as well as following all quality standards, for giving only the best to the patients. Indogenmed is devoted to providing branded, generic, and high-quality medications entrusted by patients and healthcare experts across the world.

3. Join us at Indogenemed: A single creation can modify millions of people’s lives. Working with us Indogenmed could be the big move for you to finally realize your capacity and alter the future. The portfolio of amazing and reliable therapeutic drugs at Indogenmed is surpassed by only our drive for developing better and new treatment so that people can live fuller and longer lives. We focus on providing a rewarding experience to those talented experts who get to work with Indogenmed.

4. Promise to only deliver the best: The promise of a healthy life to our patients helps them in handling their diseases better, addressing their unmet needs, bringing costly medicines within their reach, and working with the partners to assist them to succeed.

Business Outline

Based out of India, Indogenmed cares for life as well as always puts the patients first. Our company believes that adequate health lays the basis of thriving communities, forward progress, and vibrant lives. We aim to offer authentic care to patients by following the patient-centric vision that our company accomplishes by offering cost-effective generic items and increasing access to the exceptional life-saving medications. Thanks to our unwavering performance, Indogenmed has now transformed itself into the leader in a lot of therapeutic fields where we offer healthcare solutions. Established by market professionals having decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, our company provides a wide variety of generic and branded formulations and has a global presence across every market.

At the center of our operations is the core values which are the ultimate source of satisfaction for us i.e., transparency, focus, integrity, and respect. Our standards and values display our character’s very core as the company as well as guide actions and decisions. These enduring but simple values are the reasons why we have been successful in earning the respect and trust of the customers.

Why Choose Us?

The sense of purpose – Indogenmed through its information and medicines offers answers to a few of the world’s most crucial medical needs. Our company is driven by a common vision as well as we are moving steadily and strongly towards the same. This is your chance for becoming part of our excellent vision, to grow with the growing organization, and give your important contribution to humanity.

An innovative way of doing things

The mission of Indogenmed is to be the most responsible healthcare product sourcing partner in the industry of Global pharmaceutics by consistently researching, innovating, obtaining, and developing a wide variety of rarely found pharmaceutical items which are as per regulatory standards.

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Our company is the trader, importer, wholesaler, and exporter of upgraded quality medications offering an inclusive variety of specialty and innovative products which target distinctive therapeutic segments for a patients’ treatment. Indogenmed serves an extensive variety of therapeutic components like Medical Devices, ARV, CNS, Oncology, Cardiovascular, CNS, as well as OTC drugs, Hepatitis, Veterinary, and Orthopaedic.

  • We aim at comprehending the need of every customer as well as believe in offering only generic and branded drugs to patients at a cost-effective price.
  • Indogenmed focuses on building and maintaining mutually beneficial and long-term relations with every customer by offering unsurpassed quality pharmaceutical items at affordable rates.
  • Our strong dedication and commitment to giving quality items are backed by thorough industry knowledge along with a professional team of experts.
  • Indogenmed is dedicated to, in every place, stage, and aspect of life, attaining the promise of human health.
  • We have the belief that maintaining health is important for the promise, hence, our company adheres to top-quality standards as well as you can rely on Indogenmed for reliable healthcare and pharmaceutical products.
  • Indogenmed sources products from world-class manufacturing facilities that are CGMP,USFDA,PICS accrediated as well as international standards.

Various dosage forms, as well as APIs that are manufactured at these spaces, are authenticated by significant global regulatory agencies which include the US FDA. Over the years, the success of our company has been dependent on many factors including creating products as well as people value, and making them extensively accessible, diverse segments, operating efficiently.

  • Now, we are strengthening the focus by deepening and consolidating the presence in relevant markets throughout the world through offering a product portfolio that includes innovative products and complex technology for getting a competitive edge in the industry.
  • Indogenmed has powerful partnerships and alliances which advance the capacity of developing innovative medications at cost-effective prices.
  • The partners are established and popular multinational pharmaceutical labels.
  • We plan on tying up with several famous generic pharmaceutical organizations as well as to advertise these labels in the ROW countries at inexpensive rates.
  • Indogenmed offers world-class services and products for addressing the patients’ unmet needs.
  • We intend to go way beyond medicine for assisting the patients in overcoming the regular challenges of effectively handling their diseases.

Our assurance to the patients:

  • Addressing their every requirement.
  • Bringing costly medicines within their reach.
  • Providing them with assistance so that they can handle the disease in a better manner.
  • Working with the partners for guiding them to succeed.