PrEP & HIV Medicines

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Know more about PrEP & HIV Medicines


A generic drug is the one which contains same chemical as that of a drug which was originally under a chemical patient. Generic drugs can be sold after the expiry of the patient on the original drugs. The generic drug has the same active pharmaceutical ingredient as that of the original; however it may differ in certain characteristics such as the process of manufacture, formulation, color, and packaging.Generic drugs are usually subject to the government regulations. Many nations require the manufacture of the generic drugs to prove that their formulations are bioequivalent to the branded drug counterparts.


Pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP is a new approach for the prevention of HIV infection by use of anti-HIV medications. PrEP has been shown to reduce risk of HIV infection through sex for bisexual men, transgender women and heterosexual males and females along with those people who actively engage in injecting drugs.One of the most important questions is who should take PrEP. The answer to this is quite simple, people who are HIV negative and at a risk of infection due to any reason should use PrEP. It can be option for you if you have an ongoing sexual relation with a person infected with HIV. PrEP is also useful for those people who have multiple sexual partners at the same time an engage in sexual activities without the use of any protection.


The HIV medication Truvada will come off its chemical patient a year early in the United States of America and thus the generic version of PrEP will be available to the providers in the year 2020, according to the announcement made by the drug manufacturer Gilead Sciences. The Israeli-based company Teva Pharmaceutical Industry would be only allowed to sell generic PREP medicines in the U.S marked from September 30, 2020.Generic medicines maybe sold under different names and can have different inactive compounds which are responsible for the difference in Tate, texture, color and packaging. Generic medicines are gaining fame all around the country; however some people still have mistrust for these medicines. They have the same constituents thus can act in the exact same manner as a branded drug while curing a disease. 


In order to bring generic PrEP medicines, the manufactures need to prove that it is therapeutically equivalent to the branded drugs. This essentially means that the effect which a generic drug has on the body should be exactly similar to what a branded drug produces. This is one of the most important generic PrEP facts that should be remembered while you consider manufacturing a generic drug. If the active constituents and action of the generic drug is not similar to the branded drug, it will be rejected by the FDA. 


The biggest advantage of a generic drug is its cost effectiveness. The pharmacists and manufactures cannot sell the generic medicines at a higher rate than the branded medicine, making it a cheaper option for the patients. Once the PrEP generic drugs are available in the market, the most important question would be how effective is PrEP generic medicines. This can be answered simply by mentioning the fact that these drugs have the same action as well as active constituents and thus is as effective as the branded one. 

Having cheaper medications make it easier for people to consume the medicines prescribed by their doctor in correct dosage which can lead to complete recovery. People might ask where can I get PrEP pill. To answer this I would say that if you want to start having the PrEP medications, you should visit your doctor and decide on the next course of action.